Tax-Free Weekend in Texas

The Texas Comptroller encourages all taxpayers to support Texas businesses while saving money on tax-free purchases of most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks (sold for less than $100) during the annual Tax-Free weekend. Qualifying items can be purchased tax free from a Texas store or from an online or catalog seller doing business in Texas.

This year’s sales tax holiday begins Friday, Aug. 9, and goes through midnight Sunday, Aug. 11, 2024.

The sales tax exemption applies only to qualifying items you buy during the sales tax holiday. Items you buy before or after the sales tax holiday do not qualify for exemption, and there is no tax refund available.

What’s included in the Texas back-to-school sales tax holiday weekend?

  1. Clothing, footwear and backpacks under $100 per item.
  2. School supplies under $100 per item.
  3. Face masks
    Find a complete list of tax-exempt goods and school supplies at the Texas Comptroller’s website

As a shopper in Texas, make the most of tax-free shopping for back-to-school season by purchasing items in the tax-exempt categories and staying away from items that are still taxable.
Items that are still taxable include:
• Specialized clothing used for sports.
• Accessories, including headbands and jewelry.
• Watch bands and watches.

Is Texas tax-free weekend online?
Yes. Online purchases qualify for waived sales tax if the order is accepted by a merchant doing business in Texas and paid for during the sales-tax holiday.

However, note that shipping and handling charges are treated as part of the item’s total cost. So, if you buy a coat for $97, and it has a shipping charge of $7, the total cost would be considered $104 – and the coat would not be tax-free (because Texas tax-free weekend applies only to items under $100). If you are charged a flat-rate shipping charge for multiple items, that charge can be attributed to any of the items in your package.

Can I use layaway to purchase items during Texas tax-free weekend?
According to the Texas Comptroller’s office, you can use layaway plans to purchase tax-free items, provided you put the qualifying item under a layaway plan during the tax-free holiday OR make the final payment during the holiday.